Monday, January 27, 2014

Transformative Experience of a Hula Hoop

Imagine something simple: a circle.  Now enlarge it to 40 inches and the weight of 2.5 to 5lbs.  Not quite finished--step into it or put it over your head and allow it to rest comfortably on your waist...Now, give it a whirl to the right or left.  Trust that it will stay afloat.  Merge with movement of the encircling hoop.  Enjoy the process.  Enjoy the path.  Now hear the music...time to shift.  Sub-cortically, allow the hoop to sustain the rhythm-in-round as you attune to the music.

Slowly, explore more of the experience...slide...step...march your feet to the side, forward, backwards and in a circle.  Explore the possibility of mood, music and mid-body movement.

And there you have the basic premise of Holistic Hula Hoop.  Come to class at Dance Connection 3117 N. Clybourn on Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30PM.  Hoop to the music of the 40’s.  Swoop to swing dance music and Bloop to Blues music. 


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Love is Here to Stay

In honor of my mother's past birthday, July 30th, I am posting this video of her artistic achievements.  Please enjoy the archival works of Dorothy Jean's modeling (runway & print work) and acting career.

Thank you for the artistic contribution & creation of Charles (Deeda) DeShields.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Training my Thoughts on my Surroundings

Late this night, I drop off a friend for a delayed & well-deserved meal with a loved one at their favorite restaurant.  As I drive away, my thoughts drift to my plans for the next day.  Absently, I turn left/East and find myself driving under the “L”.  The onslaught of sound startles me.   It is disorganizing & inconsistent.  I feel my breathing quicken and with it my anxiety level heightens.  It is funny how the unexpected creates subtle changes.  And like childhood, I seek a place of solace & security.  The scene unfolds with the video capture of my experience…

I am writing this blog after viewing my video footage.  I notice a dichotomy of sound.  There is that loud rolling & clacking sound of the train’s wheels colliding with metal.  And very softly, I notice the rolling rhythm of my music selection—a 1940’s song with an easy swing tempo sung by a male.  As a psychic, I begin to take in the information of my environment.

 The grounding effect of my first chakra connected to the continuity of the rhythm and sound—it was just barely audible.  It reminded me to “pay attention” in an otherwise noisy world full of distractions and unexpected intrusions. 

The video recording indicated the slow movement of my driving underneath the train’s movement.  Suddenly, I began to drive faster. [Was this the Fight/Flight/Fright response?  Most certainly, it was!!!  I was out of there!!!]  Energetically, I aligned with the speed of the train…faster & faster. 

I steadied my intention and aligned my energy with the stability of the parallel metal rails of support. 

After writing this observation, I notice the usage of my language.  From my standpoint as a Medicine Woman, Healing Touch Practitioner and psychic, I recognize the importance of being steady i.e. having the intention of a balanced root chakra.  This particular chakra indicates security, safety and survival for well-being.  Aligning my energy is imperative in my people-filled life.   Often, I have to purge the effects of expected or unexpected encounters with others in my life.  This, too, is a daily requirement for my health & well-being.  The presentation of parallel lines overhead feels like the framing, structure & assurance that were created for me since the introduction of parallel lines in kindergarten & their ultimate provision for the foundation of organization in my life.

The feel of the train morphed into the harried & frenetic pace of an imagined roller coaster that triggered the memory of my childhood fear, while being haphazardly [at least it felt that way] strapped into a seat of a roller coaster.  Hmn…my anxiety is heightened.

As I continue to drive, I get a sense of being propelled through a tunnel.  Where or when does it end?  I register more anxiety…Yikes!   My issues of control are emerging!  My control is ruptured by the pace & duration of this event!  The length of this drive is controlling my nightly excursion to my home…Whew!!! 

Finally, the cacophonous sound is silenced & replaced with the soundless open space.  Aaaaah!  Calmly, I drive home…


My recent interest in videotaping various scenes of nature & movement has enhanced my observational skills.  Now that I have coupled it with the writing of my blog, I have created two words: videog (video attachment to a blog) and videogger (one who blogs with usage of metaphysical & spiritual language about the content of the video capture). 

Please enjoy the videog of this videogger. 



Sensory Integration and the Child, by A. Jean Ayres, PhD

True Balance, by Sonia Choquette, PhD

Shaman, Healer, Sage, Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Parallel Processing: The Message of the Sublime

Parallel Processing: The Message of the Sublime

What was it that made me look through the eye of my camera at that moment in time?  What was the energetic draw?  What spoke to my Spirit?

My recent interest in these video captures is slowly emerging from my second chakra (creative center).  As an Occupational Therapist, I have been educated to observe & recognize function, sensory processing and behavior.  This scene tweaks my knowing about the auditory, visual & vestibular (movement) systems. 

I am a Medicine Woman and have studied the traditions of Cherokee Shamanism.  Again, I have been motivated by my attention to the subtleties of details esp. in Nature.  I observed the elemental connections of Fire (passion), Water (emotion), Earth (bodily sensation), and Air (intellect) in this scene.

While I stood there and observed Nature through the lens of my cell phone, thoughts began to swarm around me.  Through auditory processing: wind sounds were prevalent, akin to a blustery day.  Perhaps, this is October?  [No, it’s April].  Despite the coolness of the day, I heard birds chirping in the background.  The ambient sounds rose and diminished – – akin to musical dynamics. Through visual processing: There seemed to be a lack of color in the scene. While scanning the scene with my cell phone, I noticed that pastel colors of pink and green softly entered from the left to the middle of the camera frame.  Through vestibular processing: The branches wove gently from the wind’s prompting. The thicker limbs sustained their immobility against the wind’s insistence.

Later, when I viewed the images, I drew conclusions from the symbolism of the scene. The element of air was prominent  with its connection to intuition and cognition.  My first impressions drew me to the underlying and subtle aspects of Nature.  Holistically, there seemed to be gentle encouragement, trusting connection, acknowledgment and assurance.

This scene of sublime beauty and spiritual thought taught me a valuable lesson – – pay attention. 


Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Gift of Symbolism

After my performance of "The Nearness of You" with Laura Hoffman, jazz/blues pianist, my friend, KRR, gifted me with a beautiful wooden statue of a softly poised woman with a handful of flowers held gently in front of her face.

Following is the intuition-inspired message of thanks that I gave her:

Thank you so much for coming to my performance.  My spirit would smile when I saw your face.

Willow Tree's carving, "Surrounded by Love" ( described my feelings that evening when I would see, feel or hear everyone's response to my musical and comedic intent.

As I held her, I began to feel her story.  It began to dawn on me that her shape, color, grooves and weight reminded me of the humerus [bone of the upper arm].  This led me to the reading of the statue.

Immediately, I was drawn to the soft depths and heard the word: sulcus [grooves on brain surface].  The trio of sulci positioned my hand in a tripod grasp [a functional grasp].  It gave me a feeling of pulling something out... this tells me to explore and excise what I have stuffed  or disallowed to come forth–so far in my life.

The sulci indicate the subtle debts where messages of intuition and Spirit reside– where we must go to learn and discover our Truths.

The eight flowers provided the cover and comfort of her gaze or of being seen by others. This captured my post-performance fears [and insecurities] very aptly...I often feel a need to disappear – to descend into my self.

 Her left head tilt further portrays the emotional process that I experienced throughout the inception-to-completion of the show (da capo a pied: from head-to-feet; top to bottom).

Her right hand  holds the left hand at her heart. This double hand-hold typifies how nurses and  healers taught me to conclude another's healing and an assurance of love i.e. that they are Surrounded by Love.

Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.  She stands gently amongst my wooden shapes and figures–Subtle Woman.
Prior to my performance, "The Nearness of You," a retrospective of my psychic pathway with my vocal rendition of 1940's jazz selections & piano accompaniment by Laura Hoffman, I was softly amazed by the unusual perching of two seagulls atop the roof of my car!!!  Really!?!

Whatever can this message be???  Two plump seagulls sat atop the roof of my car!!!  In addition, they were facing me as I returned to my car with my daily decaf in my hand.  I am Subtle Woman, a Medicine Woman studying Shamanism.  So, my interest is tweaked immediately.  Seagulls, according to Ted Andrews, author of Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small, cites that "the appearance of a gull usually indicates lessons or abilities in proper behavior, courtesy, and communication.  It may reflect you need the lessons, or that you may become the teacher of such.  It may also reflect new learning in the subtleties of communication...They can help you to read between the lines and understand the body language of others.  They hold knowledge of the techniques of psychological communication."

Well, of course, I need & nurture others with the subtleties of communication.  As a true student of metaphysics, I smiled at this cosmic opportunity of reflection, recognition & awareness.  When I perform my show about my psychic pathway, I will bear in mind the foretelling elements of the avian totems of color (white: truth, black: protection, yellow: communication ), species ("...ability to respond automatically from an instinctual and/or to use our innate intuition..."), air (unity), directionality (East: healing, creativity & communication) & number (two: relationships with others & self).

Thank you, Universe.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Countdown to the Launch of my Website:

Where was I when this idea nudged and made me taking notice?  Was the thought sparked as I softly observed the traffic outside my car window?  Did I alert to the possibility during my walk along Lake Michigan?  Or did it enter the consciousness of my daydream?

Whatever the soured, I sustained the inspiration & contacted the Web Designer, Damien Varnado of for his genius and the gift of his graphic artistry.

October 1, 2012 The process began and ended (or has it?) on February 23, 2013.  Little did I know of this process from thought-to-thing.  If you’re wondering, yes, I was caught off-guard by the challenges and confrontation to my belief system and issues of moving through my life at my pace.   However, I persisted in the creative coupling of Damien’s visual artistry and my insights.

October 31, 2012        Contract Signing
The realization that the process of expanding my life had begun was roaming through the hallways of my mind.  Reading the contract prompted me to pay attention to the details.

October 6, 2012          Texting vs. Talking—so 21st century!  [I am somewhat uncomfortable with his Lead—hmn, a swing dance reference].  Despite the addition of an android phone in my life, I was avoiding society’s unabashed embrace of this form of detached communication.  Yet, the text and emails continue to come—frequently and often.  Despite the feelings of being blown up, I persist in the project and process.

October 7, 2012          In one of our qwerty-driven communications, Damien tweaked my spiritual, Shamanic knowings.  He responded to one of my acknowledgements with his generous statement of “looking forward to helping me on my journey to fulfilling my destiny here on earth.”  I softly nodded my head to affirm the familiar language of Medicine/Shamanic work.

November 6, 2012       The thread of concise texts serves as visual reminders of the path of progress on which I was embarking.  I reference my state of being overwhelmed by life’s events—again.  However, true to form, I persisted in the process.  [I begin to feel like I’m in Oz…Follow the yellow brick road.  Follow, follow, follow…].

November 10, 2012     Hmn, Oz again, I referenced myself as The Courageous One…I even acknowledged my buying into the process, I concluded one message with “I’m texting, baby!!!” 

November 12, 2012     The entry point of photograph-provision added another layer of learning and shift to the next level of processing.  Hmn…
December 7, 2012       Damien submitted the first page of the website.  I remembered feeling a soft rush of excitement and anticipation.  [Here goes…]  Wow, it is taking shape.

December 25, 2012     Now my role in this process was cemented, I reacted with less awe and responded with more clarity, confidence and determination.

December 29, 2012     I opened my texts and there was the first look of my business card!  Damien had captured my wishes and applied it to a portable format.  Wow!!!  Thank you, Damien—again.

Yes, I have been very grateful in this process.  His graphic acumen had given me a reason, then another reason and another and a …

January 1, 2013           Now, I’m staging a photograph for the inclusion in the website.  I’m so snuggling down into my layers of learning.

January 30, 2013         My excitement level is palpable.  Endorphins are surging through me as we get closer to the end of this process.  Now, I’m adding happy face emoticons.  As an Occupational Therapist, I know that my visual cortex is jumping for joy.

February 13, 2013       I paid it forward and performed a healing on Damien.  We aligned our energies, embarked on our journey and exited the experience with a sense of Lightness, Love and Well-Being.


The mutual respect and honor that Damien and I share is reflected in Damien’s words:

February 23, 2013       “Passion is the driving force of a truly fulfilled life.   I have passion for the work I do as a marketer and designer.  It is the ideal situation to have a client as equally or more passionate than myself to work with.  I was so blessed in working with Subtle Woman, Denise E. Williams.  Apart from her passion for her work, she has a fire in her belly to grow and expand her work to reach her full potential.  Rare is it that I get to work with a client who brings to the table a fearless and boundless enthusiasm to the project.  In addition, Denise was not afraid to take risks and be vulnerable.  That inspired me to give her more than she asked for as a way of giving thanks to the universe for the experience of working with her.   Denise’s site and marketing materials are as distinctive as the lady herself and could only have been created working in collaboration with her.  I would wish Subtle Woman much success, but with her drive and passion it is a forgone conclusion.” 

The process of peeling my life experience-to-date and me is like peeling the layers of an onion, including the odor-promoting tears.  Taking a look at my life through photographs (Thank you, Sharon K. Jackson of ; a shout-out to her phenomenal photographic acumen) my premiere compact disc (Thank you Martha O. Swisher for your expertise in music instruction and performance) and the sentient unfurling of my psychic-intuitive-mediumship skills under skillful & graceful instruction (Thank you, Sonia Choquette and Mel Doerr).

Finally, I love texts and their concise notifications that often provide insight to me.

In the words of Columbo, “Just one more thing...”

Please notice the italicized words and recognize my intention to alert you to how I attend and attune to others through their & my language, performance and events in this shared Earthwalk.  It is through this idiosyncratic intimacy that a healing session will allow us to be guided and informed through the use of language, signs, familiarities and synchronicities.